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Tomorrow, Again

Mona Benyamin

Tomorrow, again stages a dysfunctional news broadcast consisting of different segments which recreate and react to various prominent daily catastrophes from Palestine. Instead of a spoken narrative, the film resorts to exaggerated emotional and physical displays, and utilises fragmented and often conflicting testimonies, doppelgängers, and a surrealist visual language to appeal to notions of truth and fiction, and different temporalities.   The cast of the film sees two protagonists, the artist’s parents, assume multiple identities – from presenters to reportage subjects, to eyewitnesses – resulting in a mobius loop where they are the objects, the spectators, and the medium, who narrate and consume their own stories in an endless cycle. It explores the phenomena of mutism resultant from trauma, and the cognitive distortions which come from living in a constant state of emergency; and what happens to urgency when it becomes timeless.   Tomorrow, again was commissioned by The Mosaic Rooms/A.M. Qattan Foundation, 2023. With support from Arts Council England and Bagri Foundation. 
Country: Palestine
Time: 11
Year: 2023