We host nomadic film clubs as a way to create meaningful cinematic experiences with our global community. These occur at numerous international locations, with monthly reoccurring screenings at Le 18 in Marrakesh and The Station in Baghdad.

Watching films together is an experience. It is important for us to emphasis the interactive elements of our nomadic film club, with activity orbiting the screening itself. It’s like watching a film at home with friends and family – we believe that conversation, noise, food, dancing and laughter are key in coming together as a community to watch cinema. Please contact us if you think your space could host a Shasha Movies film club.

Keep your eye out for our upcoming film clubs!

Past Events
A weekend takeover of the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) with multiple screenings, accompanied by other events, Q&As and panel discussions. Screenings include Cauleen Smith’s Dryslongo, Luc Moullet’s Origins of a Meal, Meriem Bennani’s Life on the CAPS, as well as Antonio Carlos da Fontoura’s iconic film The Devil Queen. Speakers and contributors include Obi, Helene Selam Properitee, Rachel Jones, Miss Flynn, Imogen Kwok, Jago Rackham, and Anthea Hamilton. Read More
A selection of screenings followed by Q&A with Roisin Tapponi, Marwan Kaabour and Alvaro Barrington. Filmmakers include Sherko Abbas, Shirwan Fatih, Emii Alrai, Hiwa K, Abdel Abidin, Shamiran Istafan Read More
Screenings of Izza Genini and El Mehdi Largo, followed by Q&A with both hosted by Bella Barkett and Louise Gholam. Read More
Screening of Mariam Touzani’s Blue Caftan. Read More
Screening of Hassan Nazer’s Winners, followed by a Q&A with the director. Read More
First edition of a monthly/bi-monthly recurring partnership in which Le 18 help to curate a screening of Shasha Movies programmes.This edition was a screening and poetry night, collaboratively organised with the Le 18 team and cinema students from the ESAV school. This film club was focused on Shasha’s February-March 2023 programme Revolt Against the Sun. Read More
Screening of Alaa Mansour’s Ainita. Read More
Selection of screenings from Shasha’s February-March 2023 programme Revolt Against the Sun, including Sherko Abbas, Noor Gaith, Adel Abidin, as well as a screening of a film from Cypriot artist Maria Xenofontos. Followed by a Q&A with Bella Barkett, Maria Xenofontos and Katerína Papanikolopoulos. Read More
Selection of screenings at Anthology Film Archives in collaboration with Bidoun Magazine and Artists Against Apartheid UK. 100% of proceeds go towards medical aid in Palestine. Followed by Q&A between Zeina Durra and Ed Halter. Screenings in Jean-Luc Godard, Mohanad Yaqubi and Mona Hatoum. Read More
Screening of You Resemble Me, followed by Q&A from director Dina Amer and Roisin Tapponi. Read More
Screenings from Sherko Abbas and Shirwan Fatih, in collaboration with The Station and Ruya Foundation. Read More
Screening of Here and Elsewhere by Soukaina Joual, screening of films from the Shasha Movies Hijra programme, followed by talk from Soukaina Joual. In collaboration with MADI Group. Read More
A selection of screenings from the Shasha Movies programme, HIJRA, as part of the London Short Film Festival. Read More
Shasha Movies first film club hosted at Palm Heights terrace, Cayman Islands. The first iteration was a selection of screening from Shasha Movies programme Decolonise Our Planet. This was set up as a weekly event with food from local vendors. Read More
Screening of Azin Feizabadi’s Uchronia. Read More
Screening of Saeed Golipur’s This is Not Me, in which two trans people learn to navigate the Iranian courts in order to begin their transition. Read More
A selection of films from Shasha Movies programme Film on Film, including Maani Petgar’s Reverse Angle,Basma Al Sharif’s Deep Sleep,Raed Yassin’s Karaoke, and Essa Grayeb’s The Return of Osiris. These screenings were part of Culture Summit Abu Dhabi and were followed by a keynote from founder CEO Róisín Tapponi on the future of cinema. Read More
A screening of Suhaid Gasmelbari’s Talking About Trees. Read More
A screening of two films by Moroccan filmmaker Izza Genini. Read More
A screening of three films by Moroccan filmmaker Izza Genini. Read More
Screening of Hala Abdulla’s Omar Amiralay: Sorrow, Time, Silence. Read More
A screening of Djouhra Abouda and Alain Bonnamy’s, Ali au Pays des Merveilles, followed by music from Yeldã Ali, an Afghan artist, advocate and DJ based in New York. Read More
Upcoming Events