My Neighbours

Med Hondo

African workers talk about their daily life: the racism they face in the labor force, and the housing markets in Paris. My Neighbors is a fragment of a larger documentary documentary project through which Med Hondo wanted to explore the housing policies of immigrant workers in Paris. The film is based on the idea of ​​a cinematographic series which he was unable to achieve but which reveals the possibilities of a street cinema which is similar to direct cinema and Cinétract. Never has the post-colonial state of the world been summed up as succinctly as in the closing animated sequence of this film. Performers: Immigrant workers from the Croix-Nivert hostel From the Ciné-Archives Collection
As part of our collaboration with The Africa Institute and thanks to their support this film is available to watch for free until 31st March. 
Country: France
Time: 100
Year: 1974