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Ghariba – On Demand

Meriem Bennani

This artist film by Meriem Bennani is a playful, humorous and moving portrait staged as a modern reality TV programme about the daily life of four Moroccan women.

Bennani both celebrates and exposes the private lives of these women – from her own family members to Chaabi pop divas. Ghariba is at once intimate and whimsical, playing with the aesthetic codes of soap operas and documentary films. In her works Bennani uses digital effects and off-beat humour, leaning towards the absurd, to create a distinctive aesthetic.

The word ghariba means stranger in Arabic, it can also denote something strange, at odds with expectations. Bennani’s intimate portrayal explores the strength and fragility of these women and their multiple identities – bold women sharing thoughts on love and romance, dating and friendship, loneliness and community.

Country: Morocco
Time: 12’
Year: 2017