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Zineb Sedira

Human geography and history allowed Sedira to deal with themes such as relocation, de-territorialization, and human and economic displacement in an era of globalisation. Fascinated by the notion of mobility and questions of origin that are autobiographical, she thus leads the spectator to rethink not only this theme of "transmigration " and geographical and cultural uprooting, but also its history, its forms of narratives that function as memorial envelopes in connection with social, economic and political aspects. In Dis/Location, a video which captures the flight of pigeons, the birds "read" the sky with a sophisticated navigation system, as if they have the ability to "see" the earth's magnetic field, the height of the sun and the stars.  As soon as the cages are opened, the birds start their race, twirling around the cages, circling for long minutes before gathering and taking a common direction. Sedira offers an extraordinary adventure, and an astral journey in time and space.  
Country: Algeria
Year: 2017