Mohsen Nasr

Born in 1935, Mohsen Nasr is widely regarded as one of the most significant directors of photography in Egypt and the Arab world. He approached the camera as a sensory tool, skillfully utilising its unique capabilities to enhance the portrayal of actors, locations, light, and shadow. Nasr comes from an artistic family, particularly in the field of cinematic imagery. Throughout his career, Nasr collaborated with renowned directors and filmed several important movies. Notably, he worked with the celebrated Youssef Chahine, as well as Ali Badrakhan, Raafat Al-Meehi, Muhammad Khan, Sherif Arafa, among others. His cinematic journey spanned over fifty years, and contributed to more than one hundred and thirty films. As a result of his outstanding contributions to the world of cinematography, Nasr received numerous awards, certificates of appreciation, and accolades. In 2008, he was honored by the Alexandria Film Festival as one of the most significant cinematographers in the history of the industry.