Until November 30th, Shasha presents: Let’s Talk About Sex. 

Framed historically as both taboo and lurid fixation, sex has been heavily censored in our regional cinema. From explicit scenes to implicit conversations, we give space to an outstanding selection of filmmakers and artists unafraid to ignite the conversation. 

This programme is inspired by a series of screenings of the same name curated by Shasha Movies founder Róisín Tapponi, which occurred to much acclaim earlier this year at Anthology Film Archives in NYC.

  • 1-1

    Naures Sager

    Ayman's sex date with Jonas gets crashed by his friends Amirah and Samir which takes a positive turn.

  • Borekas

    Saleh Saadi

    A breakdown on the way to the airport provides a father and son with an opportunity to reconnect.
  • Breakfast in Beirut

    Farah Alhashem

    Breakfast in Beirut, is the story of love found and love lost, told in past and present moments in time, flooded with moving heartbreaking memories of a group of people and their never ending love affair with a city, with Beirut, a film filled with resistance, confrontations and dreams.  
  • Habib and the Thief

    Naures Sager

    After being brought together by a stolen cape, Habib and his new love interest soon find themselves in a precarious situation, despite their attempts to play it safe. A look at the potential cost of being authentic and finding connection in a sometimes dangerous world.

    This short film contains scenes of LGBTQ+ discrimination (assault).
  • Mariam

    Reem Jubran

    A young Arab-American amateur drag queen has to confront his conservative father and ailing grandfather about his identity on an average night gone terribly wrong.

  • Uchronia

    Azin Feizabadi

    An adaption of the Middle Eastern legend, Layla & Majnun, UCHRONIA depicts two disembodied Dark Matter aliens traveling from the furthest parts of the universe to planet 52°N,13°E: Berlin, Germany. Seeking their amorous union, an aim that would cause a cosmic catastrophe on their home planet, Earth enables the strangers to incarnate into human bodies and become matter, offering the promise of finally realizing their love. But the bodies they have chosen are freighted with their own physical, social, and conceptual baggage, entangling Layla & Majnun in a series of terrestrial problems they struggle to understand.
  • This is Not Me

    Saeed Gholipur

    Two young men learn to navigate the Iranian courts in order to begin their transition.
  • Room for a Man

    Anthony Chidiac

    In ROOM FOR A MAN, a young filmmaker who shares a Beirut apartment with his mother and pet dog attempts to reconstruct his identity by renovating his bedroom.  But as the Syrian construction workers come and go in the freshly embattled household, new questions, old arguments and unexpected passions get stirred.   An intimate essay about the meaning of masculinity and a young man’s search for acceptance.